Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process of Overnite Express Limited

CIRP in process (Contact IRP Sh. Anil Tayal Ph. No: 011-45752852).

Be our Associate
Business Model

One can say with as much confidence that today no other business gives high returns on a nominal initial investment as our Business Model provides. It is our company’s policy to work on building constant systems and infrastructure within our Business Model that creates a healthy profit zone for our investors and network partners. When it comes to growth, we believe in the principle of mutuality. We groom individual entrepreneurs to become our Partners in Progress. The model has been structured in many ways to suite the individual entrepreneur.

Business Associate (Franchisee)

A Business Associate is an authorized representative of the company who is appointed to book and deliver the shipments in his area or a specific pin code allotted to him.

Following are some of the main requirements to qualify for our Business Associate.

  • Office space on the ground floor, preferably road facing, with minimum of 100 sq ft space
  • Sufficient space to do branding of the Premises
  • Computer and accessories with running internet connection
  • Proper manpower for delivery and pickup in the territory
  • Exclusive agreement only with Overnite Express, as per company guidelines
  • Should have a strong sales background for a productive interaction with the clients
  • Basic deposit of refundable security, based on the city of operation
  • One time registration fee which is non-refundable
  • The Business Associate should be energetic to sell various products and grow.
  • He should be able to develop and maintain excellent relations with the clients.
Master Franchisee

A Master Franchisee is an authorized representative of the company who will be appointed for a specific geographical area which may cover several pin codes under it

His role & responsibility will be to appoint a team of Business Associates in un-represented potential areas in his allotted territory.His focus will be to increase the network of the company in these areas and support these Business Associates to run their business successfully.

The Master Franchisee will also ensure proper deliveries and timely accounting of sales by his team of Business Associates.

Express Collection Center (ECC)

These are localized Collection Points created by the company exclusively for over- the-counter booking only. The location in this case is the main criteria in appointing a ECC which should be preferably on the ground floor in a busy commercial area having an excellent view to attract afoot fall.