Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process of Overnite Express Limited

CIRP in process (Contact IRP Sh. Anil Tayal Ph. No: 011-45752852).


Overnite LinkTrack™ is an Applications Program Interface (API) which helps an Overnite customer seamlessly link the Overnite website to its information system.

Overnite LinkTrack™ allows its customers to download tracking information from Overnite database directly to customer's information database. Such close integration allows better support and re-engineering of business processes to achieve greater speed, reliability, control and cost savings.

Overnite LinkTrack™ supports multiple file formats like DBF, XML, WKS, MS Excel & TXT.

For using Overnite LinkTrack™ one requires access to the internet, an account with OVERNITE and a developer for integrating Overnite LinkTrack™ with the corporate information system.