Shipping Guidelines

Risk Charge (R.C)
  • As is the practice in the trade clients takes an open marine policy while shipping their goods. This covers the risk in transit of their shipment against any casualty. We have to provide services for our client where in we cover the transit risk of the shipment against any casualty.
  • In this case the client pays 2% of the invoice value towards covering the shipment against any casualty Therefore, in such inadvertent case we arrange the reimbursement of the value of the risk cover as per the company guidelines. Thus fully securing the clients shipment.
Freight On Value (F.O.V)
  • FOV Services are availed in case the client insures the shipments on its own. Overnite issues a certificate of facts (COF) in order to fulfill the requirements of the client to take up the claim from their insurers.
  • This facility can be availed by a nominal charge of 0.5% levied on the value of the shipment. The maximum value per shipment covered shall not exceed Rs. 5 Lacs.