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Success Stories

Overnite has changed many lives of individual to become successful entrepreneurs. Today we are proud to have many Business Associates doing good business and still growing to achieve great heights.

Some of the success stories of our Business Associates are given below:

Rinku Bari :- I grew up in Jaipur and worked with my father's business. Later i joined overnite as a Business associate. I started with data entry. I realized the potential of this sector in India and decided to start courier business on my own. With a wide range of pricing options, I chose overnite and started in April 2013 at JAIPUR – CITY. After joining this business I involved in marketing and faced so many types of challenges but never lost my confidence. After 6 months I have settled and started to take care of all expenses independently. Today I am happy and thankful to God and Overnite.

Navneet Joshi :- I am a Business Associate with Overnite Express Limited since last five years, and busy booking up to 200 shipments daily that give me good profit. Since the day I adopted the standardized branding of the company booking counter, the daily net profit has increased from two hundred rupees to 1000 - 1500 rupees. Even the regular business clients dealing with me in credit have increased their bookings. Taking this as an example, I would like to suggest to my other fellow Business Associates of the company to adopt the Branded Office model soon for a fast growth through cash sales.

K.P.Singh :- I am delighted at the attention given to the Business Associate fraternity in Overnite Express and also for introducing highly exciting business support ideas, like the one of creating Branded Offices.